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What is RW/Writer?

RW/Writer is an automated blog stack for Rapidweaver that you can edit online from anywhere, at any time, with any device.

RW/Writer Demo Blog

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  • Works with all Rapidweaver 5+ themes

    Add to any Rapidweaver 5+ website with Stacks.

  • Easy Text Editing

    Write with a rich-text editor or HTML.

  • Images

    Upload an image for each blog post.

  • Categories

    Create and assign unlimited categories.

  • Archives

    Category and date archives are created automatically.

  • RSS Feeds

    RSS feeds are published automatically.

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How it Works.

RW/Writer is simple to use. Here's how.

1. Install

Install the RW/Writer stack on your Rapidweaver website and enter your Blog ID in the stack's HUD settings.

2. Write

Log into the RW/Writer web app with your email and password and write your very first RW/Writer blog post.

3. Publish

Publish your Rapidweaver website's RW/Writer stack page to your web server. It will display your RW/Writer blog posts.

4. Enjoy

That's it! Your website will automatically show new blog posts as you publish them in the RW/Writer web app.

Have questions? Read the user guide or review our FAQs