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What is RW/Writer?

RW/Writer is an automated blog stack for RapidWeaver that you can edit online from anywhere, at any time, with any device.

Want more from your RW Blog?

Get all the features you need which are missing in the standard blog page.

Look in detail at all that power
  • Works with all RapidWeaver 5, 6, 7+ themes

    Add to any RapidWeaver site with Stacks (inc. Foundation & Foundry).

  • Easy Text Editing

    Write with a rich-text editor or HTML.

  • Images and Videos

    Upload an image for each blog post and easily embed responsive videos.

  • Categories and Archives

    Create and assign unlimited categories with auto date archives creation.

  • SEO Built-in

    Meta tags and title per post with OGP tags, permalinks and social sharing.

  • Manage from one account

    Control all your or client blogs from one-single login.

  • All you need for PRO blogging

    Mobile-ready, RSS feeds, white-label, comments, SSL, backups & more...

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How it Works.

RW/Writer is simple to use. Here's how.

1. Install

Install the RW/Writer stack on your RapidWeaver website and enter your Blog ID in the stack's HUD settings.

2. Write

Log into the RW/Writer web app with your email and password and write your very first RW/Writer blog post.

3. Publish

Publish your RapidWeaver website's RW/Writer stack page to your web server. It will display your RW/Writer blog posts.

4. Enjoy

That's it! Your website will automatically show new blog posts as you publish them in the RW/Writer web app.

Have questions? Read the user guide or review our FAQs

Example Blogs.

Some of the great RapidWeaver blogs made in RW/Writer.

Integral Group

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Patrick Reynolds, PhD

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Pacto Construction, Inc.

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Love from the Community.

Lots of love from RapidWeaver users building blogs for themselves and their clients.

Simply Amazing...

I set this up, added a client to join the blog and published in less than 5 minutes. Blogging on any platform can not get any easier. This is a must have for anyone that wants to add a blog to their RW site. Great job!
Eric Vaughn

The way RW blogging should be

RW/Writer is hands down the best way to host a blog on your site. No republishing. Social sharing. Dead simple interface. Awesome for catching all of those little typos in your posts while you're on the go! Backed up with great support. It's a must buy.
Chet Collins