A full-featured responsive blog in an easy-to-use stack! Each RW/Writer blog stack and web app account includes these powerful blogging features:

Publish Once, Write Often

Publish your RapidWeaver website once, and update your RW/Writer blog with a PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone from anywhere, at any time, with any device.


Write unlimited posts every month with an easy-to-use rich-text editor similar to Microsoft Word.


Upload a large banner image for each RW/Writer blog post. Your image will be resized and cropped automatically.


Easily embed responsive Youtube, Vimeo, Hulu, Flickr and other video streaming sites with copy and paste.

Publishing now or later

Publish posts immediately, schedule posts for a future publish date, or save posts as a draft.


Create and assign unlimited categories to organize your RW/Writer blog posts.


RW/Writer will automatically create category and date archives for your RW/Writer blog posts.


Write blog posts in your language, and the web app UI is read for 6 languages and time localisation for any world location.

Security taken seriously

SSL is on by default, firewalls and comment SPAM protection. Threats mitigated by the RW/Writer online app.

Get social

Social media share buttons built-in to each RW/Writer blog post. Get your posts shared and go viral.

Take your blogs with you

You can export your blogs as Wordpress XML format or import to Pulse CMS via the RSS Blog importer feature. Don't be tied in if you need to go.

Use your own domain name & White-label

Login to the web app to edit your blogs but they appear on your own domain name and RW/Writer brand won't be revealed on your site or in your site code.

RapidWeaver 5, 6, 7+

RW/Writer works with any RapidWeaver 5+ theme using a Stacks 2+ page, including Foundry, Foundation and all your other favourites.

In-sync with RapidWeaver

Your RW/Writer blog will update automatically when you write a new blog post in your web app account. RapidWeaver never needs to be-republished. Everything is automated for you.

Perfect for Your Clients

RW/Writer is the perfect solution for you and your clients. You can develop their RapidWeaver website with the RW/Writer blog stack. Your clients can write on their blog with the RW/Writer web app. Add as many client blogs as you wish and manage them under one single account.

RSS Syndication

Your RW/Writer blog's RSS feed is generated and updated automatically as you write new blog posts.


Easily add Disqus comments with comment moderation to your RW/Writer blog posts.

Custom Styles

The RW/Writer stack bundle provides plenty of options to customize your published blog layout's colors and icons.

Search engine optimisation

Proper SEO built in directly, with semantic markup, permalinks, sitemaps, tags and OGP and meta tags and titles per post with manual overrides.


Credit guest authors by showing their name on posts for collaborative works.

Fully managed service

Web app, install, updates, backups, optimisations, all taken care of on your behalf! Just design your site in RapidWeaver and publish.

Guaranteed uptime

Fast Amazon S3 storage for images and Digital Ocean cloud hosting for the web app editor gives you a high performance for editing and serving your blogs.