A full-featured responsive blog in an easy-to-use stack! Each RW/Writer blog stack and web app account includes these powerful blogging features:

Publish Once, Write Often

Publish your Rapidweaver website once, and update your RW/Writer blog with a PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone from anywhere, at any time, with any device.


Write unlimited posts every month with an easy-to-use rich-text editor similar to Microsoft Word.


Upload a large banner image for each RW/Writer blog post. Your image will be resized and cropped automatically.


Publish posts immediately, schedule posts for a future publish date, or save posts as a draft.


Create and assign unlimited categories to organize your RW/Writer blog posts.


RW/Writer will automatically create category and date archives for your RW/Writer blog posts.

Rapidweaver 5+

RW/Writer works with any Rapidweaver 5+ theme using a Stacks 2 page.

Perfect for Your Clients

RW/Writer is the perfect solution for you and your clients. You can develop their Rapidweaver website with the RW/Writer blog stack. Your clients can write on their blog with the RW/Writer web app.

RSS Syndication

Your RW/Writer blog's RSS feed is generated and updated automatically as you write new blog posts.


Easily add Disqus comments with comment moderation to your RW/Writer blog posts.

Custom Styles

The RW/Writer stack bundle provides plenty of options to customize your published blog layout's colors and icons.