RW/Writer Stack

Q. What is the difference between the RW/Writer stack and the RW/Writer Advanced stacks?

The RW/Writer stack adopts the color styles of your RapidWeaver theme. Its HUD settings provide only one color style for the RW/Writer blog RSS subscription link. This is the best and most simple option for those who do not need a custom color scheme for their RW/Writer blog.

The RW/Writer Advanced stack allows you to control the color styles for all RW/Writer blog layout elements using built-in color style HUD settings. This stack is for RapidWeaver users who want to control their RW/Writer blog colors instead of relying on their RapidWeaver theme’s default colors.

Q. Do I need to republish my RapidWeaver website each time I write a new blog post in my RW/Writer web app account?

No! Your website's RW/Writer blog will update automatically when you write a new blog post in your RW/Writer web app account. You do not need to re-publish your RapidWeaver website. This is why RW/Writer is so awesome. Everything is automated for you.

Q. How do I download RW/Writer Stack updates?

We will email you when there is an update available. You can always download the latest version in your RW/Writer web app account at My Account > Download RW/Writer Stack.

Q. Will RW/Writer display in RapidWeaver Edit Mode?

No. You must use RapidWeaver Preview mode or publish your RapidWeaver website to see your RW/Writer blog.

Q. Why is my RW/Writer blog empty in Rapidwever Preview Mode?

You must write a blog post in your RW/Writer web app account before anything will appear in your RapidWeaver website's RW/Writer stack page.

Q. Why do my RW/Writer blog links not work in RapidWeaver Preview Mode?

Your RW/Writer blog page's content, sidebar, and pagination links will not work until you publish your RapidWeaver website to your web server.

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RW/Writer Web App

Q. Is there a free trial?

Yes. The RW/Writer web app comes with a 30-day trial FREE. We will send you an email notification three days before your free trial ends.

Q. Can my clients have their own RW/Writer account?

Yes! You can invite your clients to create their own RW/Writer web app account.

  1. Log into your own RW/Writer online account.
  2. Navigate to "My Account > Invite Your Clients".
  3. Complete and submit the invitation form.
  4. We'll send an email invitation to your client with instructions to create his or her own RW/Writer account.

Q. Will my clients need to re-purchase the RW/Writer Stacks bundle for RapidWeaver?

No. Your clients can create an RW/Writer web app account without re-purchasing the RW/Writer Stacks bundle for RapidWeaver. If your client will assume control of RapidWeaver site development in the future, he can choose to purchase the RW/Writer Stacks bundle from within his RW/Writer web app account later on.

Q. How do I find my RW/Writer Blog ID?

  1. Log into your RW/Writer web app account.
  2. Navigate to My Account > My Blog Settings.
  3. Your Blog ID is highlighted in red directly beneath the page title.

Q. How many posts can I write?

We do not limit the number of posts you can write.

Q. How many categories can I have?

We do not limit the number of categories you can have.

Q. Can I write in a non-English language?

Yes. RW/Writer supports all languages that can be written with the UTF-8 character encoding.

Q. Can I write in a "right-to-left" language?

No. RW/Writer does not yet support right-to-left languages.

Q. Does my blog have an RSS feed?

Yes. You can find your RSS feed URL in the RW/Writer web app at My Account > My RSS Feed.

Q. Can I add comments to my blog posts?

Yes. You can setup a Disqus account and enter your Disqus shortname into the RW/Writer Stack in your RapidWeaver project to enable user comments.

Q. Can I import existing blog posts into RW/Writer?

Not at this time.

Q. Can I export my RW/Writer blog posts?

Yes! You can export as Wordpress XML format or import to Pulse CMS via the RSS Blog importer feature.

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Q. What credit cards do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club, and JCB.

Q. Is my credit card information safe?

Yes! We use Stripe as our credit card processor. Stripe is 100% PCI compliant. We never see or store your credit card information on our own servers.

Q. How much do I pay?

You pay $24.95 once to purchase the RW/Writer Stacks bundle for RapidWeaver. We will then bill your credit card only $1.99 per month for as long as your subscription is active.

Q. Do you accept non- credit-card payments?

No. We accept payments only with a credit card.

Q. Can I sign up without a credit card?

No. We require a credit card to create an RW/Writer account.

Q. Can I change my credit card on file?

Yes. You can update your credit card information in your RW/Writer web app account settings.

Q. Can I use RW/Writer if I do not live in the United States?

Yes. We accept customers from almost every country.

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